Discover the versatility of Miele steam ovens Pioneering the introduction of steam appliances into everyday home-life, Miele introduced the first built-in steam oven in 1998. Since then, we have continually evolved the humble steam oven, making it more convenient to use than ever before. Miele steam ovens – DG Steam cooking is undoubtedly the healthiest way to cook. It’s also so gentle that you can simply “set and forget” without having to constantly supervise, or worry about overcooking or burning your food, giving youmore time to spend doing the things you love. What’s special about Miele steam ovens is that they utilise external steam generation for precise temperature control and rapid heat-up time. Offering a temperature range from 40⁰C-100⁰C, you’ll be able to cook a large selection of recipes; from porridge to risottos and grains, whole fish and delicate seafood, to the perfect crème brûlée or sticky date pudding. Change the way you cook, whilst enjoying the ultimate versatility and convenience. Miele steam oven with microwave – DGM Steam cooking can replace almost all the requirements of a microwave, however if you can’t live without your microwave, then Miele’s steam oven with microwave is the perfect option for those looking for the speed and convenience of a microwave paired with the nutritional benefits of steam cooking. Miele’s DGM has all the functionality of a steam oven and microwave, plus the Rapid Steam combination mode, for faster cooking results. Combi steam ovens – DGC Miele combi steam ovens offer the versatility of two appliances in one. Comprising a state-of-the-art conventional oven with Moisture Plus, as well as the benefits of steam. In this appliance you can steam from temperatures of 70°C-100⁰C for up to 1 hour and use the oven for all that Miele ovens can do! Combi steam Pro ovens – DGC HC Pro For outstanding results every time, Miele’s combi steam Pro ovens will revolutionise the way you cook at home. Offering the flexibility of three appliances in one, Miele’s combi steam Pro can be used as a steam oven from 40⁰C-100⁰C, a conventional oven, and a combination of the two using humidity levels of 0%-100%, and oven temperatures ranging from 30⁰C-230⁰C. This oven does it all, from incredible bread, caramelised slow cooked meats, and the perfect cheesecake. Automatic Programmes guarantee culinary perfection every time, plus the HydroClean functionality takes care of the cleaning for you! DGC HC Pro DGC DGM DG