Miele makes steam the new kitchen staple Curious to know why a Miele steam oven is rapidly becoming a must-have kitchen appliance? From the health and lifestyle benefits through to the convenience of hands-free cooking and app-assisted functionality, read on as we unpack all the advantages that steam cooking has to offer: • With steam, you can gently defrost and reheat, protecting the nutrient value of your food. • When cooking vegetables, steam ovens retain more vitamins and minerals than conventional cooking methods. • Steaming preserves the texture, moisture, and most importantly, the flavour of your produce! • There's no need to add any oil or fats to your dish when steam cooking, making it perfect for a healthy lifestyle. • The cooking possibilities are endless with a steam oven. This versatile cooking method delivers exceptional results for a variety of foods including vegetables, fish, poultry, grains - even desserts! • With a maximum temperature of 100⁰C, you can sterilise bottles and jars, ideal for preserving seasonal produce.