MIELE 10 YEAR WARRANTY – FAIR TRADING ACT DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS MIELE’S CONTACT DETAILS Name and address: Miele New Zealand Limited, Head Office 8 College Hill, Freemans Bay Auckland 1011 Telephone number: 0800 4 MIELE Email address: SUMMARY OF CONSUMER GURANTEES ACT 1993 (CGA) RIGHTS 1. If you are a consumer under the CGA, you have certain rights in respect of goods that a business sells you. Goods must:  be durable for as long as most people would expect that kind of good to last;  be fit for their purpose – do all the normal things that people would expect this kind of good to do;  be free of minor and major faults; and  do what you, the consumer, are told they do including anything written on the box or in advertising material. 2. If a good fails to meet one of the guarantees set out in the CGA, you have the following rights:  If the failure is serious you can choose between a refund, a replacement with goods of the same type and similar value, a repair or keeping the goods and the business that sold you the goods will pay you an amount of money to cover the loss of their value  If the failure is not serious, the business that sold you the goods can choose to refund, repair or replace with goods of identical type. If they choose to repair or replace it must be done within a reasonable time or you can ask for a refund.  If you incur extra costs from the failure, the business that sold you the goods must pay you a reasonable amount for damage caused by any fault or for extra costs caused by the failure of the goods including any costs in returning the goods.  There is no limit on the number of claims you make.  If a business that sold you the goods has repaired or replaced them, you have the same rights with that item as you had with the original goods.  If the business that sold you the goods disagrees about the fault, what caused the fault or what remedy you are entitled to, you can take them to the Disputes Tribunal. There is a cost which you pay the Tribunal for taking such a claim. COMPARISON OF CGA RIGHTS TO YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THIS WARRANTY 3. In order to access a remedy under the CGA, you are required to show that the goods have failed to comply with one of the CGA’s guarantees (for example, the guarantee as to acceptable quality of goods). This Warranty provides you with a more direct route to remedy in the event of a “defect in materials and workmanship.” 4. While it is likely that a defect in materials and workmanship would give rise to a remedy under the CGA, this Warranty allows you (subject to the terms of this Warranty) to repair your Product without the need for you to show the Product has failed to meet any particular quality or functionality threshold (i.e. a CGA guarantee). However, you will still need to show that the defect with your Product is not excluded from this Warranty under section 1.6. 5. Faults with your product may arise that do not constitute a defect in materials and workmanship, in such cases, you will not have a remedy under this Warranty, but may do under the CGA. 6. Your rights under the CGA commence at the time you purchase your Product. The CGA does not specify a time limit for your rights to apply. Under the CGA products must last a reasonable amount of time. What is “reasonable” varies. Your rights under this Warranty commence from the date of delivery of the Product and expire 10 years after that date. YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL THIS WARRANTY 7. You have a right under the Fair Trading Act 1986 (FTA) to cancel this Warranty within 5 working days after the date on which you receive a copy of this Warranty, or at any time if Miele has failed to comply with the disclosure requirements in section 36U of the FTA, unless that failure is minor. You may exercise this right by contacting Miele at one of the contact addresses or telephone number set out at the top of this page. If you exercise this right, Miele will immediately repay you 10% off the purchase price of the Product that the Warranty relates to.