28 Abbreviations, symbols and patents Abbreviations AB Airing bar AD Adapter ADH Cover ADR Adapter, round for masks ADS Adapter, tapered for masks AE Stainless steel APCL Accessories Professional Commercial Laundry APWM Accessories Professional Washing Machines APDR Accessories Professional Dryers APRI Accessories Professional Rotary Ironers ASK Connection box AV Drain valve AW White Basic No softener, no dispenser pump BDE Data acquisition module BHM Mask holder BM Protective bag for masks BS Protective bag for buckles BSF-RU Flowmeter kit BSH Hard water valve BSK Payment system connection BSS Peak-load negotiation connection BSS-RU Peak-load negotiation BW Brilliant white BWR Laundry return feed BWS Vapour and foam venting kit C Condenser CKSL Chipcard key CKSP Memory card CLST Clean Steel COP Coin-op version dir. Direct D Steam/steam heating DD Detergent dispenser DOS Dispenser pump DP Drain pump DUAL Dual heating DV Drain valve ECO Waste air heat recovery ED Stainless steel EH External heating EL Electric/electric heating ELD Electrical steam valve ERP Extraction with perforated roller FFK Lint filter box FLT Flexible laundry feed FRZ Flow meter FT Conventional drum G Gas/gas heating GE Feed belts HP Heat pump HW Hot water i Integrated IB Feed belts IBH Operating data software IGS Side panels in iron grey ind. Indirect KPM Compressor KW Cold water: KW Cold water 15°C L Leaf-spring padding LP Drain pump LW Lotus white MF Multifunction module MK With baskets MRT Trough cleaning cloth MSG Vapour venting fan MSS Silencer ND Low-pressure steam NIRO Stainless-steel front OB Octoblue OK Excl. baskets PA Panel PDR Professional dryer PFD Product designation - Dishwasher PG Product designation - Dishwasher PIB Professional steam ironing system PND Pneumatic steam valve PP Programme packages PRI Professional flatwork ironer PT Professional dryer PTB Profitronic B controls PTB Plus Profitronic B Plus controls PW Professional washing machine PWM Professional washing machine PWT Professional washer-dryer stack RF Return feed RF Laundry return feed kit RH Reduced heater rating RH Electric heating, reduced RO Reverse osmosis ROP Moisture-controlled programmes S Steam heating SBDE Operating data acquisition SCi Integrated dishwasher with 3D+ cutlery tray/3D MultiFlex tray SCVi Fully integrated dishwasher with 3D+ cutlery drawer / 3D Multiflex drawer Self- Service Model version for coin-op laundries Set TE Partial demineralisation set Set VE Full demineralisation set SI Steam heating, indirect SL SlimLine series SMR Trough-cleaning starter kit SST Stainless steel STW Steel wool padding TK Dryer basket TOP Time-controlled programmes U Built-under unit UG Box plinth UO Open plinth US Plinth with drawer VZS Galvanised side panels WB With baskets WES Water softener WF Without front WI Weighing system WKS Wall bracket WM Token WOB Excl. baskets WP Heat pump WP Weighing plinth (washing machines) WRG Water recovery WTV Washer-dryer stacking kit WW Hot water 70°C, data gathered in accordance with EN 60456 XKM Communication module XL Octoplus XL series XXL Extra large chamber Symbols • Standard o Optional - Not available Miele patents/patent nos. EasyFold outfeed table: Patent EP 1 724 388 B1 Air Recycling Plus: Patent EP 1 682 715 B1 Liquid dispensing adapter: Patent EP 1 835 063 B1 Condensate drain tube: Patent EP 2 532 779 Conditioning of cleaning cloths (in mop machines): Patent DE 100 56 889 C1 Honeycomb drum: Patent EP 2 390 399 B1 Honeycomb drum 2.0: Patent EP 2 700 744 B1 Filter: EP2273005 StreamClean: Patent EP 2 460 929 B1 Deep filter: EP2107155 Pre-spin: Patent EP 2 003 236 B1 Heat exchanger filter system: EP2532779