✓ Reducing detergent usage by up to 30% - good for the environment and the back pocket ✓ Extending the life cycle of the machine Gentle on clothes, tough on wasting energy — Dryers “Australian consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchase choices and are seeking out sustainable features for the appliances they purchase. Five of our new dryer models have achieved a 10-star energy rating as well as a new airflow system to provide greater sustainability. This, alongside the EcoSpeed function, makes for fast, efficient and ecological drying,” shares Melissa. Miele dryers not only lower energy consumption but protect your laundry items by keeping the drying cycle short, year after year – thanks to their perfectly tuned filtration system and maintenance free heat exchanger . This consistency for speedy and gentle treatment gives customers the ultimate peace of mind. Not to mention that customers can AddLoad throughout the cycle without disrupting the quality of their dry. “We love that these new dryers can give people’s most precious items a freshness boost thanks to the use of steam, eliminating odours from dry and damp textiles giving them a new lease on life,” Melissa adds. Advanced innovations Complementing the ease and convenience of the TwinDos and EcoDry features, the revolutionary new laundry range also comes with a host of Miele Exclusive features, including: ● ProfiEco Motor : Known for its longevity, efficiency and low maintenance, year after year. ● Honeycomb Drum (with LED lighting) and Dedicated Delicate Programmes: Providing gentle laundry care so that you never have to hand wash again. ● Kevlar Fibre Door Seal: To ensure that moisture cannot escape through the door during the cycle. ● Suspension Springs & Shock Absorbers: For balance and minimised operational noise. ● Door hinges on either side: Choose which way you want to open the door based on what is convenient for your space. ● HygieneDry : Removes unpleasant odours and reliably removes 99.99% of all bacteria thanks to long temperature holding times.