Quality Ahead of its Time Longevity is The Ultimate Sustainability Your needs are the DNA of our appliances. In order to create long-lasting reliability, we combine constant innovation with expert craftsmanship – the meticulous devotion to detail that makes sure, our machines are built to last and to answer your every need. That’s why our appliances are designed to work intuitively together, to make every task seamless and effortless. Whether it’s laundry, dishwashing, refrigeration, kitchen appliances or floor care, everything we do is to improve your household experience. SUSTAINABILITY Imagine, instead of using many appliances over the years – just using one. One that uses less water, less energy. So you consume less. PERFORMANCE Whilst some car engines are tested for 3,000 hours, we check our performance with up to 10,000. 1 Day and night. Comprehensive and precise. That’s why you can completely rely on our products. CRAFTSMANSHIP Since 1899, we’ve never been satisfied with the best. For us, every ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It is a challenge to create something even better. That’s why we craft our own parts, forge our own iron. Even make the machines that make the machines. We call it: Immer besser. 1 We test up to 10,000 hours: During the development phase of washing machines series W1 Miele and dryer series T1 has tested models and core components for 10,000 hours.