Twice cooked panettone French toast with grilled peaches – 2 Broccolini with parmesan, almonds and pomegranate – 4 Zucchini, turmeric and chickpea salad – 6 Hasselback potatoes with sage and garlic – 8 Salmon with orange mustard glaze – 10 Mussels with bacon, cider and herbs – 12 Roast pork loin with apple sauce – 14 Roast turkey – 16 Traditional gravy – 20 Glazed ham – 22 Celebration cheesecake – 24 Cherry galette – 26 Christmas cake – 28 Christmas pudding – 30 Traditional pavlova – 32 Measurement and equipment guide – 34 Cooking programmes – 36 Original Miele care products – 42 Accessories – 44 Miele makes Christmas easy Christmas has always been a time of food-filled get-togethers, but this year we are looking forward to reconnecting over great food more than ever. Which is why Miele is here to make sure you host a Christmas gathering to remember. So whether you are wanting help preparing the perfect Christmas ham, or looking for a fresh take on the ideal summer sides to go with it, Miele has a collection of recipes to make this Christmas particularly special. With easy-to-follow recipes using seasonally accessible ingredients, Miele are the masters of invention – ready to help you make Christmas 2020 memorable for all the right reasons.